Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the R factor of your product?

R: Our R factor is R8 per sq.inch. Being our product is 3 inches thick the total R factor is R24

Q: Can you make divisions in your installations? (hot,cold,dry)

R: Yes, We can customize to your specific requirements. That’s what is so versatile with our product.


Q: What does NSM stand for?

R: Great question, NSM Stands for “National Safety Mark” This is a certification that Transport Canada has allotted to Prisco as an official body builder, Installer for motor vehicles. We have it for up fitting and also body modifications.

Q: Why do your safety partitions come in three sections?

R: they come in three sections due to the fact that by adding our hinge kit you can transform your solid partition into a partition with a swing open door. So if ever your configuration or needs change it can easily be modified to your needs.